Thursday, November 15, 2007

a motto for Britain

recently The Times put out a call for suggestions for a five or six word "British motto". The great unwashed had fun with some of their answers:

Once mighty empire, slightly used
We apologise for the inconvenience
You're having a laugh, mate
Dipso Fatso Bingo Asbo Tesco
Chicken tikka masala, chips and rice
Let's discuss it down the pub
No mottos please - We're British
Mind your own bloody business!
Hey! We made this Game!
sorry, is this the queue?
Did you spill my pint?
A camera on every corner
No problem left untaxed
Village Hall If Raining
Best before nineteen thirty nine
May contain nuts
Britain in five words? Pants.
The end justifies the spin
Masters of the English Language. Innit?
Euros not accepted here, sorry

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