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the art of hiding

more great examples of camouflage here

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Jesus's Cat

Paprika Mars

Matthew Albanese's Mars made out of several kilos of paprika, cinnamon, nutmeg, chili powder and charcoal. See more of his astonishingly detailed work at Strange Worlds

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Death metal rooster

spectacular monasteries

Monastery of the Holy Trinity in Thessaly, Greece. One of 22 beautiful monasteries captured here.

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Grylls bears an enema

Warning: this video ranks at the stratospheric end of the gross scale.

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Fark's 20 best headlines of 2009

20: Small plane rapidly plunges into bottom end of Virgin Islands, to be renamed Technical Virgin Islands

19: That foot found at a NY recycling center? Turns out it belonged to a bear. You'd think police could recognize a bearclaw when they see one

18. India loses contact with an unmanned spacecraft conducting its first moon mission. Support techs ask Mission Control to confirm that the spacecraft is turned on and that it is currently plugged in

17: Bolivian animal rights activists succeed in banning circuses from using animals, but now have to figure out what to do with 22 useless lions, a problem Detroit has faced for years

16: Police in London solve 1 crime for every 1000 CCTV cameras. Or about 2 for every 1984

15: One killed, six injured in pie factory explosion. Blast heard up to 3.14159265 miles away

14: Man gets called into work so he can be fired, returns home to find his house on fire. Wishes he had been laid off

13: Plane crashes in Florida panhandle, no pilot found. Well there's your problem

12: Semi-nude Victoria's Secret fashion models reveal untold talents and you've already clicked the link, haven't you? Have I told you about my mother lately? No, she's doing fine, just making cheesecake and some muffins this morning

11: Fire rips through homeless camp, leaving dozens...well, no worse off, really

10: Carpenters face higher-than-average asbestos death rate, higher-than-average resurrection rate

9: Police find severed head, will later reveal whether it's "linked to body parts found in Hertfordshire." Submitter suspects the answer may be "Not any more"

8: Peephole in door of girl's dorm room reversed; police are looking into it

7: Man at Panda Express eats shoots and leaves

6: Suicide bomber strikes Iraqi funeral. At least two dead

5: 80-ton wave generator works briefly as advertised when it falls into the ocean

4: Baghdad's National Museum reopens six years after looting. Featured displays include mostly a bunch of really heavy stuff

3: Fire officials in SoCal wildfires: "GTFO." Residents: "STFU." Fire: "NOM NOM NOM." Residents: "OMG." Fire department: "DIAF"

2: Jesus prepares to receive Oral

1: Gas blowing out exit brings 69 to a complete halt

Darwin award winners 2009

The fabled Darwin award winners for 2009 have been announced. The prize is awarded annually to "doing the most to improve the human gene pool by removing themselves from it".

In third place was the first ever woman to be nominated for the award. Rosanne Tippett drove her moped into a flooded river, despite the warning signs. She was rescued by police, but died after jumping back into the river in an attempt to recover the two-wheeler.

In second place was Shawn Motero who was stuck in a traffic crawl in Florida when he needed to answer a call of nature. With no toilet handy, he got out of the car before jumping over a concrete wall to find a more secluded spot. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old had not realised he was on a bridge, and fell 65 feet to his death. According to his mother "Shawn didn't do a whole lot for a living. He got along on his charm, just like his father". Award organisers said it proved you should "look before you leak".

But the winners of the 2009 Darwin Awards were an industrious pair of Belgian bank robbers who blew themselves up while trying to crack open a cash machine. The men used so much explosive to get their hands on the money that they destroyed not only the ATM but the whole bank building. When police arrived at the scene, they found one of them with severe head injuries, and rushed him to hospital where he died shortly after arrival.Investigators initially assumed that his accomplice had managed a getaway, but the second one's body was excavated from the debris twelve hours later. Belated congratulations to both of them.

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