Wednesday, September 30, 2009

His Great Device Makes him Famous and other films

List of film titles lost in translation stolen from Huffington Post.

Three Men and a Baby - Marx, Lenin and Mao change a diaper (China recognises it is all about the means of production)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - If you leave me, I delete you (Italy thinks the film was about anti-virus software)
The Naked Gun - The Gun Died Laughing (Israel finds death hilarious)
The China Syndrome - American Nutballs (China tells the world what the syndrome really is)
Get Smart - Is the Spy capable or not (Taiwan probably gives patrons their money if the answer is no)
Annie Hall - Urban Neurotic (ah those laugh a minute Germans at it again!)
Hot Shots - Warm Shots (Czech Rep turned the temperature down)
Knocked Up - Slightly Pregnant (Peru wasn't completely sure)
Boogie Nights - His Great Device Makes him Famous (Size does matter in China)
Grease - Vaseline (Argentinians prefer petroleum jelly as a lubricant)
American Pie - American Virgin Man (Hong Kong doesn't want to confuse food with sex)
The Full Monty - Six Naked Pigs (China blames capitalism in Sheffield)
The Matrix - Young people who traverse dimensions while wearing sunglasses (France hasn't got the hang of this catchy title business)
Porky's - Tofuey (China modified for vegetarian tastes)
Army of Darkness - Captain Supermarket (Japan is as unfathomable as ever)

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