Thursday, May 7, 2009

11 things people in their 20s will regret when they get into their 40s

As found at College Candy (aimed at females but mostly applicable to both sexes)

11 risque internet photos (the net is forever)
10 trendy tattoos (so are tats)
09 choosing an easy lay ahead of friends (best to have friends who are easy lays)
08 getting married too young (or too old)
07 smoking (though 20s is probably too late already)
06 not travelling enough (though conflicts with #05)
05 maxing out the credit cards (not sure people get any wiser about this later in life)
04 not finishing school (never too late)
03 pre-holiday tanning (or even during holiday tanning for that matter)
02 stilettos (particularly for men, I would imagine)
03 sex without condoms because it feels better (dealing with screaming shitting babies in the middle of the night doesn't feel particularly good either)

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