Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rum, sodomy and the lash

A poster for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard seems to confirm what everyone thinks sailor boys get up to on the High Seas. Full story at The Register


Portsmouth Historic Dockyard said...

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is delighted, if a little surprised, at all the interest our latest billboard campaign has received. The image used in this billboard was produced 2 years ago in all innocence, but with the hindsight provided by its recent online coverage I can now see that we might have chosen the camera angle a little better!

Whilst I can't see us using the same image on future billboards, it's great to see an attraction as important to Britain's heritage as Portsmouth Historic Dockyard reaching a wider audience. We hope that some of the readers of this article are encouraged to learn more about us from our website at or even come and visit us for themselves.

Joestoke said...

The thing is though if we accept there's no sodomy going on what exactly are they doing? Is it naval tradition that a bloke who looks like Sting leans over a barrel with a contorted face while a more dignified older bloke with a big stick looks the other way looking concerned?

Here's the question....what is the older dignified bloke looking at thats so concerning?