Thursday, September 20, 2007

Effin Eddie Moroney

The world needs to know more about Eddie Moroney (aka Effin Eddie) from the Glen of Aherlow, Co Tipperary, Ireland. He did the commentary for the Tipperary under 21 football final between Aherlow and Nenagh in 1992.

Eddie went a bit mental and showed his partisan side in his support of Aherlow, not to mention his contempt for the ref.

The full wave file of Eddie's antics can be found here

Some Highlights include:

"What a relief, he's like a tablet".
"Bollocks of a ref".
"he's given a penalty, the bollocks has given a penalty!"
"You can't be boxing Tyson!".
"and the referee is looking around and acting the mickey!"
"and he won't even kick a fucking point"
"what the hell is his name?"
"jaysus, I think I'm gonna get sick after all that beer yesterday!!!".
"my false teeth are coming out"
"that bollocks! that number 6"
"there's a free out here to be taken by...I dunno".
"oh mother of god, there'll be a big night in the glen!"
"its definitely, probably, one of the greatest days in Aherlow GAA circumstances".

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gerry said...

the greatest laugh of the millenium....enjoyed it immensely but hurt myself laughing... trying to locate the video ..gave my original to friends in portland oregon u.s.a.